All prices are by the pound unless specified. The weights listed with the product are estimates of how much the product will weigh. The amount you are ultimately charged will change slightly once the products you ordered have been weighed.
Your order of Pearl's Pastured Beef, will arrive in a cooler box packed with dry ice. We will ship your order via your choice of FedEX Ground (Texas residents only), 3rd day air, 2nd Day Air, or Next Day air.  The cost of this packaging is $15, which will be automatically added on to the shipping cost of your order. Thanks for your understanding.
Residents of Texas:
Order and pick up at one of the farmer's market's that we attend.
If you choose shipping, your order will usually arrive in one business day if shipped by FedEX ground.

or call: 646-372-6555



Ground Beef 90/10 
Sold in 1 lb packages.
PRICE: $7.00

Ground beef 1/4 lb patties 90/10
Priced per package 4, 1/4lb patties per package.
PRICE: $7.00 per lb

Chili Meat
Sold in 1lb packages
PRICE: $7.00 per lb


Skirt Steak (Tenderized)
Fajita meat
Price:$8.00 per lb
Flank Steak (Tenderized)
Price: $9.00 per lb

New York Strip 1 1/2"
Price: $14.00 per lb

Rib Steak- bone-in 1 1/2"
Price: $15.00 per lb

Rib Eye- boneless1 1/2" 
Price: $16.00 per lb

Round Steak- Tenderized
Cutlets- 4 pack
Price $7.00 per lb

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) 1 1/2"
     Two per package.
Price: $25.00 per  lb

Sirloin 1 1/12”
Average weight .5 to .8 lbs.
Price: $ 10.00 per lb.


Average weight: 2-3lbs
PRICE: $5.00 per lb

Chuck Roast-blade in
Average weight: 2-3 lbs.
PRICE: $6.25 per lb

Pikes Peak Roast
(Heel of Round Roast)
Average weight: 2-3 lb.
PRICE: $6.50 per lb

Rump Roast
Bone in 
Average weight: 2-3 lbs.
PRICE: $6.25 per lb

Shoulder roast (Arm)
Marrow bone in.
Average weight 2-3lbs
PRICE: $6.50 per lb

Standing Rib Roast
**Special order only**

Tenderloin Roast
***Special order only***


Average weight: 2.5 lbs.
PRICE $5.00 per lb

Sliced and deveined
Average weight: 1 - 1.8lbs
PRICE: $5.00  per lb

PRICE: 4.00 per lb

Short Ribs
PRICE: $4.00 per lb

Soup Bones
Marrow Bones: Very Meaty
PRICE: $4.00 per lb

Stew Meat 
PRICE: $7.00 per lb

Whole Cow
**Special order only**
Average weight: 500 to 650lbs
$4.25/lb  Hanging Weight

Half Cow
**Special order only**
Average weight: 250 to 300lbs
$4.50/lb Hanging Weight